Viral Life Hacks That Might Or Might Not Work

Life hacks are quite popular on social media these days. They’re easy to locate, whether they’re written down in an essay or displayed to you on TikTok. And who doesn’t like a good life hack? They’re a simple method to make your life a little bit simpler. But what if those game-changing life hacks didn’t truly work? Let’s take a look at a few of them to see whether any of these viral life hacks truly work or if they’re all just hype.

Mashed Potatoes Can Be Made From Potato Chips

  • Mashed Potatoes Can Be Made From Potato Chips
  • What Is It? Potato chips were used to make mashed potatoes.
  • What You’ll Need: A saucepan of boiling water and potato chips

Yes, it works.

Potato chips aren’t the healthiest snack to consume, but that’s not really a point of contention here. The question is if they can be transformed into mashed potatoes. Surprisingly enough, the answer is yes. Simply place a bag of chips in a kettle of boiling water and let them to get mushy. Then you just drain the excess water and crush the chips to the desired consistency. While it is conceivable, it is not the most recommended way to consume mashed potatoes. They’re less healthful in general, and boiling eliminates the majority of the flavor anyhow.

Use Sprite to Resurrect Your Fading Flowers

  • What Is It: Sprite to resurrect flowers
  • You’ll Need: Does Sprite Work? : No.

There’s a suggestion that utilizing Sprite, a soft drink, might help revive fading flowers. It’s probably not a surprise that this is incorrect. If anything, the sprite will most likely harm the plant. The sugar in Sprite is the source of the misconception. Although sugar can assist a plant revive, it is far easier to just utilize plant food.

Permanent Marker Can Be Removed With Antiseptic


  • What Is It: An antiseptic that is used to eliminate marker marks.
  • You’ll Need: Hand sanitizer or antiseptic
  • Yes, it works.

If you have children, you are probably familiar with the problem of permanent marker becoming stuck on tables or walls. However, it turns out that permanent marker does not have to be permanent, at least not if you use an antiseptic. It is quite effective in removing stains. These compounds can be broken down using rubbing alcohol or even hand sanitizer. So, if you have an excess of Purell, you have something else to put it on.

To unlock a car door, use a tennis ball.

  • What Is It? Using a tennis ball to open a vehicle door
  • You’ll Need: A tennis court
  • Yes, it works.

Have you ever tried to unlock your car door only to find you didn’t have your keys? Perhaps you locked them in the car or somehow misplaced them. A locksmith is pricey, and smashing the window is more bother than it’s worth. According to one life hack, you can open your automobile with a tennis ball. And, as it turns out, it does work. Make a hole in the tennis ball and smash that side against the lock. The suction created by the ball should be strong enough to open the door. Keep in mind, though, that technique only works with automobiles that still have keyholes.

Oreo Cookie Cream Expansion

  • What Is It? Using hairdryers to expand cookies
  • You’ll Need: A cookie and a hairdryer
  • No, it does not work.

People like Oreos, and it would be fantastic if the filling could be expanded to include even more of that creamy bliss. What’s more, you can use a simple home equipment like a hairdryer, right? No, it does not. All this does is warm up the cookie. It’s great if you like warm Oreos, but it’s not great for anything else.

Use Concealer to Color Your Hair

  • What Is It? Coloring your hair with concealer
  • You’ll Need: Does Concealer Work? Yes

Hair dye is a temporary technique to modify the color of your hair. It’s mostly comprised of pigment, therefore it stands to reason that you might use another pigment-based product to temporarily colour your hair. As a result, concealer really performs rather effectively when it comes to assisting you in coloring your hair. Apply to the places you want to color, and then add the color you desire afterwards.

To Remove Highlighter, Use Lemon


  • What It Is: A lemon that is used to erase highlighter.
  • You’ll Need: Lemon
  • Yes, it works.

Have you ever been using a highlighter to mark text in a book and accidentally marked up something? For a number of causes, it’s a rather typical occurrence. You can’t erase it with white out, but you can with lemon. To be more precise, the highlighter may be removed by rubbing the juice of a lemon over it. It doesn’t even smear the book’s content.

In the microwave, turn graphite into diamonds.

  • What It Is: The process of converting graphite into diamonds.
  • You’ll Need: No, it does not work in a microwave.

To be honest, if diamonds were that simple to create, everyone would have them. Although graphite and diamond are both 100% carbon, placing one in the microwave will not transform it into the other. Putting graphite in a microwave is extremely risky and might result in a fire.

Curl Your Hair With A Plastic Bottle What It Is: Curls made using a bottle

  • You’ll Need: A hairdryer with a plastic bottle
  • Yes, it works.

People are frequently seeking for simple ways to style or curl their hair. As long as you drink water, this one has been there under your nose. Yes, you can curl your hair with a water bottle. You’ll need to cut the bottle open as well as a hairdryer. Then just place a part of your hair in the bottle and use the hairdryer to dry it. Your hair will spin in the bottle to create curls.

Cleaning Your Headlights With Bug Spray

  • What Is It? Using bug spray to remove dirt from headlights
  • You’ll Need: Large spray and filthy headlights
  • Yes, it works.

Over time, headlights may accumulate a lot of dirt, making them less brilliant and effective overall. While window cleaner can remove surface filth, the plastic might become permanently stained over time. Or, at the very least, the discoloration appears to be persistent. All you need is insect spray to get rid of it. It may remove deeply embedded filth, but it’s also crucial to note that it can eat away at plastic over time. Spray it on a towel first, then use it to clean.