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lto sustainability can get along with elegance and quality Made in Italy? Many sustainable, ethical and Italian brands they strongly believe in it, starting with a mentality that sees clothes made from garments made to last more than one season, charting a new course in the fashion industry focused on reuse, recycling, innovation. Make fashion more green and ecologicaly clean from design to delivery, leading sustainable fashion brands in our country in 2022.

Sustainable fashion in 2022 starts with fabrics

It is estimated that 35% of the microplastics that pollute the oceans come from washing synthetic clothing. OUR textile waste, often thrown into landfills or incinerated, exceed 92 million tons per year. These are impressive numbers that indicate the need, however urgent, for structural change in the fashion industry. There are many ways to make fashion production less polluting and harmful to the environment, and one of the most anecdotes is about fabrics.

casasola for example, the brand, born in Florence and already beloved by celebrities such as Beyoncé and Gwyneth Paltrow, is based on supply chain transparent and traceable, using sustainable and certified raw materials, fabrics and yarns. In fact, the viscose comes from sustainably managed European forests, the wool comes from farms. without mulesing and organic cotton. Artnit Studiosfor its part, uses natural fibers that are easily recyclable and biodegradable, while MILK Label chose bamboo fiber for the production of underwear, certified and with a controlled supply chain.

A clean and sophisticated aesthetic, as well as a sustainable approach in all areas, make Casasola one of the most interesting Italian sustainability brands.

Par.Co denimone of the leading companies in Italy for the production of sustainable jeans, prefers certified organic cotton and recycled polyester to traditional canvas, washing and processing clothes are eco-friendly, and the different colors of jeans do not resort to the use of chemicals.

Sustainable brands: give new life to used clothes

If producing entire collections from scratch certainly has some environmental impact, starting with existing clothing or vintage clothing, refurbishing it and giving it a second life is a great way to limit waste without sacrificing elegance. Just look at designer clothes Verniss, a luxury brand born in 2019 that has made synergy with artisans and vintage clothing retailers the core of its identity. Francesca and Eugenia, the founders of this sustainable fashion brand, actually choose, even in the spring 2022 collections, vintage or antique fabrics or stock, collaborating with the textile industry, which makes available all the cutting-edge materials from previous collections. The result combines a circular economy approach with unique suits and suits far from seasonal trends and tailor-made.

million years, the eco-friendly brand founded by Andrea Rosso, which will be presented at Rinascente Milan with a pop-up open to the public from April 19 to May 2, 2022, has decided to use military-style clothing that can often be found in warehouses and vaults, which makes it modern. and keep up with the times. Each item is unique and limited edition. All MYAR garments are essentially born in a process recycling which, through creative processing, gives new life to scraps and leftover fabrics, including from various companies of the OTB group.

Using a recycling process, MYAR produces used military clothing.

Circular fashion, from vintage to today

They also follow a similar philosophy. Tailoring studiowhich uses fabrics obtained as a result of a research process from the stocks of Italian laboratories. junk coreStarting with recycled clothes found in flea markets, second-hand stores and family closets, Giuditta Tanzi’s project creates avant-garde and sustainable handmade clothing. Finally also MED demonstrates that even shoes can have a green soul without sacrificing style, thanks to sandals, heel straps and shoes characterized by heels made from recycled materials and fabrics or leather, found through diligent searches in warehouses and warehouses throughout Italy.

The philosophy that inspires IINDACO is footwear designed to last and made from high quality recycled materials.

Custom clothing and green packaging

The devil is in the details, including sustainability. First of all, we start by choosing to produce small and good, thus avoiding waste, inventory, or unsold goods. Mimi a la Merfor example, in addition to using certified fabrics, limited production is supported and all orders received for Milan are delivered by bike couriers without any consequences. TEMUARfor its part, not only uses innovative and recycled materials, but also pledges to donate part of the profits to organizations that fight climate change, and the purchase of each bag corresponds to the planting of a tree.

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Sustainability truly impacts every area of ​​a fashion brand, from recycled materials to a short and controlled supply chain, to equally sustainable packaging and tailor-made clothing. make fashion stable a daily practice.