After 2 years of stopping, world tours are having a hard time…

Intense competition between specialist tour operators

Tourism is picking up again and world travels along! After more than two years of delay, tour operator Safrans du Monde got the ball rolling by bringing some fifty customers from Rio to Petra, via Polynesia and Laos, in March 2022. A successful but delicate operation to perform. New world tours will be announced from November. We have taken stock of the TOs involved who are in merciless competition among themselves…

On March 10, Safrans du Monde relaunched its round-the-world air cruises by private plane in partnership with La Compagnie – DR: Safrans du Monde, Julien Zolli

† We had enough of the Covid, we wanted a world tour and in good conditions †

Jean-Pierre Lacombe and his wife, nearing retirement, dreamed of going on a trip, ” without worrying about anything †

Seeing that the situation was improving, they contacted Safrans du Monde at the end of January and registered for the start of the next round of the world race, scheduled for March.

For just over €60,000 per person (excluding insurance), they opt for First Class, reserve a few options and treat themselves to a great gift.

† Everything was great, this trip was an almost permanent electric shockJean-Pierre Lacombe testifies.

One day you will discover the coral reef, the next you will be in a market in Laos and two days later you will be in front of the riches of Dubai †
During 22 days, Jean-Pierre Lacombe and his wife travel with 4 other couples. Their group is always accompanied by a Safrans du Monde guide and at each destination by a private guide and driver. † In total we were 21 in Première and there were also about thirty customers in Club Safrans, it was a dream to have a plane especially for us and especially with assistance at the highest level. †

Around the world, a global view of the planet

For Guy Bigiaoui, chairman of Safrans du Monde, the situation is similar. † We come back euphoric from this journey we have been waiting for for two years.he notes. We were very lucky, even the weather was great. We were able to make a new appointment Australia which had just reopened and which we had replaced with Singapore? †

Vietnam was also replaced by Laos† † We were the first international tourists to return, the international airport opened for us againcontinues Guy Bigiaoui. As the Covid progressed, we have adapted our itinerary, always keeping our customers informed, who have given us permission to keep their reservations. †

there is only Easter Island, originally planned, which won’t reopen early enough for you to be able to visit it. The A321 Neo of La Compagnie, chartered for this world flight, was only allowed to land there to refuel. † All customers have been notified before departure and have all accepted these changesexplains Guy Bigiaoui.

At the same time, we expanded our stopover in Polynesia with a variation on the Marquesas and 4 other destinations on site: Bora Bora, Tahiti, Le Brando and Moorea. Each customer could choose his destination or destinations †

But the manager of Safrans du Monde would like to point out that ” all over the world, these are not just destinations, it is a global view of the planet and the journey of a lifetime, a whole †

Around the world: ‘World tourism has resumed’

About fifty customers attended this world tour – DR: Julien Zolli

The challenge for Safrans du Monde will therefore have been to: constantly adapt, but also to position itself on certain very popular services. † Luxury tourism is a very dynamic segment. In France, we tend to believe that prices will fall since the pandemic, hotels and planes are empty. It’s none of that.

Once you talk about luxury tourism, it becomes difficult to have planes, places in hotels, to have boats. World tourism has resumed, it’s an incredible boom† We felt it in Brazil, Peru, the Emirates and even in Jordan where I had never seen so many tourists in Wadi Rum.

», Comments Guy Bigiaoui.

He adds: ” on our route we were lucky to have hotels, brand new buses, operators who resisted, who organized and had staff, we had no particular problems †

But what about Carbon footprint and ecological footprint of such a journey? † Slow tourism is not my job. My job is to provide my clients with a global view of the planet †

However, he qualifies: We fill our plane, a plane that uses 30% less fuel, we go to luxury hotels and work with attentive service providers, and we went to two local communities in Peru and Jordan, to discover their knowledge -do, we took our time. So strangely enough we do too slow tourism †

Two world tours planned for November 2022

The TMR World Tour is conducted aboard a First Class+ private jet – DR: TMR

Safrans du Monde’s next world tour is planned from 5 to 26 November 2022† The tour operator goes to Mexico, Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, the Maldives, before finishing with Rwanda.

† We have decided that from now on no trip around the world will be the same, we will offer a new itinerary every time. » announces Guy Bigiaoui.

The first post-Covid world tour is planned around the same dates. of TMR, from November 13 to December 3, 2022

Departing from Paris, the tour operator offers the discovery of Cuba, with Havana and Pinar del Río (the “Halong Bay” of the Caribbean); the legacy of the conquistadors in Cartagena de Indias; 2 days to discover the mysteries of Easter Island with its moai; Tahiti; Sydney Bay; Singapore; Hanoi; Halong Bay and Abu Dhabi.

† Travelers are welcomed by our butlers, 6 star air service aboard a royal private jet, complete with a real restaurant! In the tradition of its world travels in Concorde, TMR is reviving the golden age of travel ‘, the Marseille agency said in a press release.

As for Ciels du Monde, the last operator to position itself in this niche, its first world tour could only take offin November 2023

Until then, the Group still plans to offer continental travel, one in September 2022 (In the footsteps of Alexander the Great, in Eastern and Southern Europe) and the other in March 2023 in Africa.

Rivalry and lawsuits for round-the-world operators

It must be said that the founder of Ciels du Monde, Édouard George, was for several years the commercial partner of Safrans du Monde, for the production of world tours, through his company Phoenix Cruises Ltd

Today, the two companies are on trial, with at stake: almost €2 million, according to our information† An amount that Safrans du Monde Phoenix owes, according to Édouard George, and which he would now like to recover to launch his own world tours more quietly.

A hearing is expected to be held in mid-May. On the same date, a new trial begins for Safrans du Monde, the one who opposes 18 of its former customers, who left for a world trip in 2019 and who believe that the assigned seat on the plane – based on a Business class seat – did not match the intermediate class for which they had paid 10,000 euros extra to take advantage of more comfort on board.

In addition, at the beginning of March, Safrans du Monde filed an injunction against its competitor from Marseille, the company TMR Internationalfollowing a mailing that the latter distributed to its customer and prospect database.

It was about Easter Island, a destination that was closed in early March 2022, when this email was sent. In this letter, TMR wrote to its customers and partners: “ Easter Island is now closed to tourism until May!

That’s why we moved the world tour from March to November. We are aware of proposals stopping at this destination. Any travel or world tour proposal that stops on Easter Island is a scam †

A mailing that for Guy Bigiaoui was clearly aimed at Safrans du Monde, a few days before the start of his own world trip and including a stopover on Easter Island, and formed ” an act of contempt that constitutes an act of unfair competition “, but also ” a malicious and misleading mailing “to its own customers and partners, we can read in the interim order that we have been able to consult.

But the judge ruled that ” the existence of an apparently illegitimate disorder has not been demonstrated, in particular because this mailing does not specifically refer to the company Safrans du Monde. He then has fired the tour operator of all her claims against TMR and ordered her to pay € 3,000 for the irrecoverable legal costs. Safrans du Monde plans to appeal this decision

If the recovery is there, it certainly won’t be as quiet as expected!